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Whats Happening at Club Waimea Squash

Over the past years we as a club have taken on jobs and projects to try and make our facilities better and more family friendly. Take a look at some of our previous projects and what's coming up next!


Takaka Squash Open

Takaka Squash Club hosted the Takaka Squash Open in May 2023.
With a number of Waimea squash members participating in the various divisions, we had some great results for the club.

Results for Waimea Squash Club members were:

Mens Open Winner: Liam Gale

Womens Open Winner: Sarena Harwood

Mens Open Runner Up: Jack Gibb

Mens Open Plate: Brendon Whitley

Mens Div 1 Runner Up: Anthony van Niekerk

Mixed Div Winner: Lucas Bennett


Waimea Squash Open

In April, we hosted the 2023 Waimea Squash Open.
With some great squash over the weekend, the victors for the Mens and Womens opens were Chris Hebberd and Erin Ellery.
Congratulations to the following players who won their divisions: 


Mens Open - Chris Hebberd 
Womens Open - Erin Ellery
Womens Division 1 - Maria Evans
Womens Division 2 - Shelley Ridd
Womens Division 3 - Thea Whitley
Mens Division 1 - Aidan Evans
Mens Division 2 - Josh Broderick 
Mens Division 3 - Reuben Henry
Mens Division 4 - Nate Crawford
Mens Division 5 - Campbell Gill
J Grade - Nick Whitley


Nelson Squash Open

In March, Nelson Squash Club hosted the hosted the 2023 Nelson Squash Open.
With some great squash over the weekend, the Waimea Squash players did really well, achieving the below results for themselves and the club.

Mens Open Special Plate: Liam Gale

Mens 3 Runner Up: Richard Aitken

Mens 4 Winner: Mitchell Cartwright

Mens 5 Winner: Nate Crawford

Mens 5 Runner Up: Matt Ferris

Mens 6 Runner Up: Alex Davies

Mixed 1 Winner: Thea Whitley


Business House 22/23

Well done to Team Hynds for taking out our NBS Business House Competition! 
Thank you to all of our teams for taking part.
Placings were as follows:
1st - Hynds
2nd - Helicharter
3rd - Vailima
4th - SCP
5th - Laser Plumbing
6th - Signature Homes
7th - Apex Roofing
8th - Fulton Hogan
9th - TDC


Installation of iPads and Screens for scoring.

To improve visibility of scoring for viewers during major events (and for general use), we have installed a tablet and screen for each court.

This simplifies scoring for the participants upstairs, while viewers downstairs can easily view the live scores.

Waimea Squash Club Champs 2022

Club Champs '22 was a great success, with a mixture of new and old members, as well as returning members.


The winners are as follows:

Men’s Club Champ - Nick Burns

Women’s Club Champ - Sarena Harwood

A Grade Men’s - Henry Aitken

B Grade Men’s - Nick Burns

B Grade Women’s - Sarena Harwood

C Grade Men’s - Richard Aitken

C Grade Women’s - Ammie McHardy

D Grade Men’s - Nate Crawford

D Grade Women’s - Rebecca Gibb

E Grade Men’s - Cameron Duff

E Grade Women’s - Hayley Birt

J Grade Boys - Nick Whitley

Sportsperson of the Year - Kirsty Heyward

Senior Men’s Most Improved - Nevin Bolland

Senior Women’s Most Improved - Barlee van Niekerk

Junior Boy Most Improved - Nate Crawford

Junior Girl Most Improved - Thea Whitley

J Grade Boys Most Improved - Nick Whitley

Most Improved Family - van Niekerk’s

Overall Junior Boys Winner - Liam Gale

Overall Junior Girls Winner - Thea Whitley

Club Champs 22.jpg
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