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Whats Happening at Club Waimea Squash

Over the past years we as a club have taken on jobs and projects to try and make our facilities better and more family friendly. Take a look at some of our previous projects and what's coming up next!

Quiz Night
   keep an eye out for the date

Upcoming Projects 2021-2022

One of the clubs next big projects to help make the club a better place, is the Mens changing room. 

This includes improving the showers and replacing the carpet.

To find out more information, or if you are keen to lend a helping hand check out our facebook page (linked below), talk to one of the committee members, or just keep an ear out!

Heating the Club

This has been one of the biggest projects that we as a club have taken on. During this project we held a fundraiser to help us gain the funds to install Pink bats in the roof and the back wall, install two new heaters upstairs, two infrared heaters down stairs, a heat pump in the lounge, and replace the inside front door. 

A huge thanks has to be given to all of the club members who helped to organise and execute this project. Without you it could not have been done!

Removing The divider

As part of the Heating Project one of our goals was to remove the divider and door separating the lounge and kitchen from the courts. This was done to help the air circulate as well as make the club feel more open and welcoming.

A big thanks to the club members who came down and removed the divider and did a great job of it!

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