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Our Membership

Membership has its privileges. Members get unlimited access to our facilities. This includes the Squash courts, shower facilities, a kitchen and bar for social events.

Every year on the 31st of March our Membership renews, if you are a current member an invoice will be sent to your email address so please be sure to have the correct information to your name. 

For new Members if you are interested in joining us then you can email us at or fill out the form below and and go into the Club Waimea reception to complete the membership application. 

When you sign up to be a member you also sign up to Club Waimea (included as part of your sub!). Joining Club Waimea gives you access to their club rooms, as well as their restaurant and bar. 

Please be aware that if you have not paid your subs by the correct date then your key tag will be deactivated until you do so.

Casual Court Hire


Do you want to have a casual hit of squash? You can hire out a court for just $15 per hour.

In order to enter the courts you will need a key tag, in order to get this key tag you will need to put down a $20 bond, but dont worry you will get this back as soon as you return the key tag you were given. 

Visitor Fee


Are you coming down to have a hit of squash along with a member of our Club? No worries all we ask is that you put $5 in the visitors box (right beside the computer)

Senior Membership

$268 Per Year


Junior Membership

$105 Per Year


Tertiary Membership

$172 Per Year


Family Membership


A Family Membership must contain 2 adults and up to 3 children (under 19)

A family Membership can be paid in two instalments, the first either when you join or when the subs renew at $329 and the seccond on the 1st of september at $225

Couple Membership


A couple membership contains 2 Adults, both living at the same address.

A couple membership can be paid in two instalments the first either when you join or when our membership renews at $303 and the second on the 1st of September at $222

Key Tags


In order to enter the facility and turn on the lights to the court you will need a Key Tag. Key Tags cost $10 each and once you have paid this your key tag will be yours for as long as you are a paying member.

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