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Welcome to Club Waimea Squash

Squash Canterbury 'CLUB OF THE YEAR 2018' 

Our 2018 Committee celebrating being announced as the Squash Canterbury Club of the year 2018.

From Left to Right - Laurence Buschl, Debbie McCrae, Susan O'Connell, Brendon Whitley, Sue Aitken, Nicola Pilkington, Elle Aitken



The squash courts are OPEN for play - under restrictions.  

  1. Players must book courts through the online system

  2. Everyone must scan in using the QR code or sign in on the contact register

  3. Showers are open but we encourage players to arrive dressed to play, so use of changing rooms is limited

  4. Remember to maintain a 2m distance from others when in off court areas and wearing of a mask off court is recommended

  5. Do not share equipment - balls, racquets, drink bottles

  6. Players to follow sanitising rules - wipe courts down after play, maintain hand hygiene, tap racquets at end of game instead of shaking hands

  7. Please stay at home if you are unwell

About Us

Our Story

Located in Richmond, Club Waimea Squash provides four glass back courts which allows easy watching access. We offer climate controlled indoor facilities, which include the four courts, and upstairs viewing platform of the courts, both Mens and Womens toilets and showers, a kitchen and lounge facility which includes a bar.

"The Squash Club was the brainchild of a group of club waimea members and committee in the late 1970s. Plans were drawn up and Berkett Construction were contracted to start construction (along with a lot of volunteer labour over the course of the project). The walls were built in cradles and cured for 28 days. They were checked every day hence the reason why we have great courts nearly 40 years on. Officially opened of the 10th of March 1981, it was handed over to the squash club to run independently. After a few years the squash club became a section of Club Waimea and since then the rest has been history." -Barry Highet Life Member of Club Waimea Squash

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